About Company


Sea Hawk Group provides full import and export cargo shipping services from your point of origin to your final destination. Our experience, knowledge, and connections with a worldwide network of freight forwarders, customs agents, and carriers in every port and terminal worldwide, allow us to move your goods efficiently and safely. Anywhere. Anytime.

In addition to shipping, freight forwarding, we also have custom clearance facility, can also provide door delivery facility consignment at the doorstep of buyers. We also provide consultancy services for your Business.


We work for both international and domestic markets. Our aim is to provide maximum customer satisfaction. We focus on providing customers with the highest level of service at the lowest possible cost. Our high-performance business strategy builds on our expertise in importing and warehousing to help organizations operate at the highest levels and, in turn, create sustainable value for their customers. In addition, we leverage our industry knowledge, operational excellence and technology capabilities to proactively identify process improvements and cost-cutting strategies for our clients.

Our Organization has a highly motivated team who are experts in on-time delivery for your business. We understand the importance of fast response, customized solutions, and excellence in service requirement from our clients and associates, and ensure that we deliver these standards with positive attitude. Our dedication to operational excellence and commitment to helping improve our clients’ business performance has resulted in long-term partnerships with customers who consider us an extension of their team.

Why should you choose us?

Tailored Service Options

Tailored service options available to suit your budget and needs according to your volumes.

Inventory Reduction

Inventory Reduction regular supply of goods through smaller shipment sizes helps to optimize inventory levels.

Improved Transit Times

Faster shipment times due to no waiting for consolidation freight from shipper.

Reduction of Transport Costs

Transport costs reduced to the space that you are utilizing.

Reduction of Secondary Charges

Reduction of secondary charges if you book directly with us.

Special Rates

Special rates available for heavy shipments.